Farm & Land Appraisals, valuations and market analysis

accurate valuations of farm and land real estate

iowa farmland appraisals-1We sell farm real estate in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri and Minnesota so it makes sense that we have a keen sense of the value of farm, land and ranch properties including livestock confinement, agri business related real estate .  You have multiple options for valuation of farm and land real estate assets which can be determined by the situation and why you need the evaluation.  Common situations that require real property valuations include estates, liquidation of business assets, dissolution of marriage, divorce or estate planning, tax filings, or investment analysis.  Expert guidance and consultation will help you determine the type of report that you need.

Market Analysis reports that value farmland or real estate assets are less thorough than a farmland or land appraisal and often cost less money but satisfy the requirement.  Appraisals can be certified or un-certified appraisals.  Typically when federal lending is involved certified appraisals are required but in many cases non-certified appraisals are acceptable and cost less money.  Certified appraisals often take 30 plus days to prepare and can easily be 60 to 90 days for more complex or larger farm and land properties.

CERTIFIED LAND APPRAISALS - Certified General appraisers

Certified General Appraisers can provide you with a certified appraisal report that is both thorough and federally compliant.  Through a network of appraisers we can help you engage a professional farm real estate appraiser for your appraisal needs that can help you quickly and for a reasonable fee.  Certified appraisals are required for lending but also often used for many other purposes as well, but in some cases can cost more than is necessary to spend for the particular reason the valuation is needed.

Non Certified farm & Ranch real estate Appraisals 

A non-certified appraisal for farm or land real estate is the "middle of the road" in terms of expense, time and service.  Non-certified appraisals are only an option when federal lending is not involved.  Often used for estates or setting a tax basis these reports satisfy most valuation requests and effectivly help you comply with many estate or divorce requirements. 

Real Estate Market Analysis opinion Reports

Where accepted Market Analysis Reports offer you reduced turn around time and wait times to get the information you need about the value of the property.  This type of valuation will also be priced lower than a certified or non-certified appraisal report for farmland or recreational land.  DreamDirt provides a FREE and Farm and Land Market Analysis for those considering selling land.

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Types of properties or real estate rights Valued

Agricultural Land • Recreational Land • Rural Residential Real Estate,  Conservation and Government Easements (CRP/WRP) • Grain Storage Facilities • Cattle Facilities • Feed Yards • Easements related to Agriculture • Agribusiness Properties • Dairy Facilities • Hog Confinements • Poultry Facilities • Eminent Domain Condemnation Properties • Transitional/Development Land • Equestrian Facilities • Seed Treatment Facilities • Agricultural Equipment • Farmland Leases • Recreational Leases • 

Appraisal and market analysis Fees

How much does a farmland appraisal cost?  It is impossible to advertise and charge a standard fee for appraisal because of the differences in each situation.  Some things that play into the professional fee include the size of the property, complexity of the report or type of property. We can offer you a general range of fees that are charged for appraisal or valuation reports.  

Farm Market Analysis Reports $250 to $2500
Non Certified Farm, Land or Real Estate Appraisals              $1500 to $4000
Certified Farm or Land Real Estate Appraisals $2500 and Up