will your auction business be disrupted?

We have solutions for auctioneers

The world has handed us a curveball recently and many auctioneers are worried that restrictions on crowd sizes will affect their livelihood.  Today online bidding is widely accepted and there are many options to add this to your business but we feel that DreamDirt offers a unique approach to help other auctioneers succeed and stay in business.  

We are witnessing something that will change the world.  When its said and done many things will be re-arranged and reorganized.  There will be new leaders and followers.  Remember how much 9-11 changed the world and how different it was afterward?  We suspect that the crisis we are experiencing will be similar and adapting and adopting new relationships and technology now will help you move your business into the future.

We began developing our best practices and technology years ago in the real estate sales and farmland auctions space.  We have since developed venues and auctions specifically for farm equipment, farmland, real estate, recreational equipment and personal property.

We offer cooperating auctioneers 2 options

  • Cooperative auctions or auction listings where you place your listings on our website OR
  • Your own custom bidding website based on our software that is identical to the software we use


Our Story

We began toying with online bidding over a decade ago.  The technology was available and while the concept of online bidding had already been proven by Ebay it wasn't the norm for auctioneers yet.  Auctioneers still wanted to protect their fast talking skills and didn't want to admit that a computer could reaplace them.  We believed different and still believe today a computer can not replace an auctioneer.  We worked hard for years to develop our set of best practices and build audiences so that we could handle anything that came our way.   In most situations we were pioneering, we were doing something that had never been done and thats why today we are able to reach out and help other auctioneers find the same success we have.

Will Computers replace auctioneers?

A computer can take bids and keep track of them but it can not make independent decisions.  An auctioneers value comes in their ability to maximize the value of a clients assets.  That happens with a combination of skills such as copywriting, photgraphy, targeting and advertising, communications and so much more.  Auctioneers are talented people and they should embrace online bidding as a progression of our ability to serve people better and more fully.  Today, adding a strong online bidding component to your tool box or combining it with your fast talking skill will ensure your business can provide services no matter what circumstances come your way.

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We are auctioneers just like you, we are not a software company.  We understand the importance of your commission to you and we know how to make clients happy.  Let us show you how you can bulletproof your business with online bidding and ensure disruptions do not slow you down.