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About me: Nicole Smith, Auctioneer

I was born and raised in southern Sac County Iowa. My family farmed in the Odebolt to Denison area and I chose to pursue a college education in Computer Science.   I married my husband Jason Smith in 1997 when I was 20 years old.  Jason was a police officer and after college I went to work as an Account Manager for a telephone software company.  In 2003, as we often did, we went on a hike in the Loess Hills and dreamed of our future together.  That hike resulted in what would become DreamDirt.  Our interest in country life lead us to create a company where our passion could be valuable to others.  Today, we have marketed farms from the Canadian border to Paraguay, South America!

Over the course of building our business we have sought educational experiences inside and outside our industry.  I have graduated from Auctioneering College and the Professional Ringman Institute as well as completed multiple courses that have helped me grow my depth of knowledge to serve our clients.

You can read more about how our company came to be at The DreamDirt Story.

Distinctly Different

Technology Meets Selling farms

Armed with a fresh technology education we set out to create an auctioneering company that breathed new life into an exhausted industry.  The time was right to create an auction company that broke the mold, that was distinctly different and valuable to our clients.  My husband lead our auctionering team while I lead the development of our technology.  We dove deep into data aggregation and digital targeting and our company was noticed quickly.  As our company matured we worked really hard to remove the stress and friction from auctions and make our buyers and sellers as comfortable as they could be.  In 2017 we began to develop our own custom farm and land auction software BidCapture which we would launch in late 2018.  Our software was the result of over a decade of live and online auctions and was one of the most significant advances in land auctions across the Midwest.  We were the first company to sell farms using online auctions.  Over the past decade I have the distinction of taking more bids on farmland using online auctions than any other person in our business.  This has resulted in our company being recognized many times as a market and thought leader in the auction industry.  

Team Approach to auctioneering

The DreamTeam

We are very much a family company, but we are not a mom and pop operation. Our In-house approach to auction marketing creation is unique and indispensible to our clients.   Instead of using 3rd party vendors that do not have auction marketing knowledge we assembled a team of the best communications and auction professionals that work right in our offices.  From photography, video editing, print and copywriting to sign creation and social media our team has a vested interest in the outcome of your auction.  Every one of our employees shares a common goal with our clients, success.  The results of your auction is every bit as important to everyone of us as it is to you.  

Nicole Smith, Auctioneer
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