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First, thank you for visiting us at DreamDirt.  We've been the "Voice of Family Farms and Their Heirs" for many people just like you who looked to us as a trusted advisor to help them appraise the value of their land.  If you have made it here you are probably going to be selling land in the near future.  Going into t

he sales process armed with the best information is essential to your success as a seller.  

If you have of selling any type of land whether its tillable farmland or recreatinal lifestyle type land the bare minimum first step is to learn what its potentially worth.

Our agents and auctioneers are armed with the latest tools to evaluate your land property for auction or listing.  With the right data at their fingertips you can get your report in about 24 hours during the week.  


  • The report is completely Free 100% with no obligation.
  • Learn what neighboring properties have sold for recently.
  • Learn our opinion of value for your land by listing or auction.
  • Get a full soil inventory and aerial maps.
  • Learn the soil productivity rating for farmland.
  • Get a free marketing timeline and plan.
  • Learn the different methods available to sell the farm.
  • Learn how you can maximize the value and get the best offer or bid!



iowa farmland prices and appraisalsNot ready to get a market analysis or appraisal for your land yet but want to learn more?  We offer a one of a kind online video course for farm and land sellers that will walk you through the process of selling land.  Sign up today, its also FREE!  

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Farm and Land Seller Course Outline

  • Video 1 Introduction
  • Video 2 Who Should I Talk To? Or Not Talk To?
  • Video 3 Private Listing or Public Auction?
  • Video 4 Types of Land Auctions: Live or Online?
  • Video 5 Farmland FSBO
  • Video 6 Terms and Conditions of Land Sales
  • Video 7 What is the Best Time of Year to Sell a Farm or Land?
  • Video 8 Can I Sell a Farm When I There is a Tenant on the Farm?
  • Video 9 Setting a Land Auction Reserve.
  • Video 10 How Land Auctions Work
  • Video 11 How to be the Perfect Farmland Seller
  • Video 12 Choosing an Auctioneer or Agent to Represent Your Interests.


Our Experience with DreamDirt was nothing short of amazing. Jason did an amazing job explaining the process and being there every step of the way. I honestly can't thank them enough for making the process so easy and more importantly getting us the most money for our farmland. The bottom line is they are great people and their clients are their #1 priority.

JD Farms Sioux County. Iowa

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