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land seller Video series

free Farm Real Estate course designed for sellers.

Our Auctioneers and Land Brokers put their head together and designed a video series to answer the most frequently asked questions as well as answering the questions sellers DON'T even know to ask!  


  • Its completely FREE!
  • Valuable information you will want to know before you sell land.
  • Created by professional experienced auctioneers and brokers who have sold thousands and thousands of acres!
  • Learn the secrets of maximizing the value of your farm or land.
  • Learn what NOT to do when you are offering land for sale.
  • See why some sellers fail to achieve top dollar while others top the market.

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Land Seller Education

There has never been somewhere to go and learn about selling land.  Our video series provides powerful information so you can be better prepared to make important decisions.

  • Video 1 Introduction
  • Video 2 Who Should I Talk To? Or Not Talk To?
  • Video 3 Private Listing or Public Auction?
  • Video 4 Types of Land Auctions: Live or Online?
  • Video 5 Farmland FSBO
  • Video 6 Terms and Conditions of Land Sales
  • Video 7 What is the Best Time of Year to Sell a Farm or Land?
  • Video 8 Can I Sell a Farm When I There is a Tenant on the Farm?
  • Video 9 Setting a Land Auction Reserve.
  • Video 10 How Land Auctions Work
  • Video 11 How to be the Perfect Farmland Seller
  • Video 12 Choosing an Auctioneer or Agent to Represent Your Interests.
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