Turn your passion into a living

Make more money with more freedom in hunting land sales

land specialist jobsEat, sleep and eat whitetail hunting 365 days a year as a land sales specialist and enjoy a better than average living for you and your family sound appealing? Have you ever thought "If I could hunt for a living I'd quit my job today". Of course you would!  We all would and thats why so many of our staff members enjoy their careers in farm real estate so much.  They have the freedom to come and go as they please while making a better than average living selling farm and land real estate AND they get to enjoy something they are passionate about at a much deeper level.  Hunting is among those things many of our agents are passionate about.  If you are too and you have a drive to succeed we want you to join our team and let us help you grow into a succesful hunting land sales career.

 You can be successful at this occupation if you:

  • Outgoing and aren't afraid to talk to people.
  • Have impeccable integrity.
  • Enjoy helping people understand and solve problems.
  • Enjoy the thrill of the deal and negotiating.
  • Have an average understanding of technology.
  • Are driven to succeed by taking action rather than dreaming.
  • Have a desire to have financial freedom.
  • Can work unsupervised and accomplish tasks.
  • Can obtain a real estate license.
  • Can invest time and money into being successful.
  • Can work in a team enviroment.
  • Understand working for commission pays well beyond a salary.

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What Will You Be Doing?

Your main task will be seeking sellers of land, explainig the listing and sales process and showing the farms to eventual buyers that are attracted by DreamDirt's advertising.  In the average day you will drive to farms, meet with sellers, make phone calls, type emails, interact with other professionals and team members.  You will also use some time to promote yourself through traditional and online media where you can continue to find new sellers of farms.  Occassionaly you will participate in the production of video products by DreamDirt or educational opportunities we offer.

The Economics of Hunting

Did you know that the vast majority of Americans value hunting traditions?  It may not seem like it at times but research has shown that not only in opinion polls but also in dollars spent.  Hunters spend almost $70 billion dollars per year for anything from gas to hunting equipment.  In addition many invest in real estate ownership and leases.  As more and more people move away from public land hunting to control their own experience and have the opportunity to manage their own farm those dollars continue to grow.  The economic impact of hunters is very significant and the opportunity for you to be involved in an industry thats easy to love is right here.  

Do you want to live a better life?

jobs in the hunting industryOur agents often remark they wish they had found this career before they did.  Most left a first career to make this their life.  None of them really understood the idea of working for commission rather than a guaranteed paycheck every Friday but they loved the idea of it so much they did it.  Most people look at a commission sales careers and dismiss it as not for them.  It is a fact that commissioned sales offers unlimited income opportunity that can put you well ahead of a salary job.  The longer you are in commissioned sales the more your network grows and the easier it gets.  It can be tough to get going and thats why DreamDirt starts all of our new agents off with a 3 day orientation and training called DreamDirt University.  You will a full orientation and be ready to hit the ground running from the first day.  In addition we continue to lend support through leads, tools and premier resources so you can  can quickly find success and do it over and over and over.  A commission sales career may seem like its not for you because you don't know enough about it.  Don't let the stop you from learning more and learning how it can make you significantly more money and bring much more freedom to your life if you work hard and dedicate yourself to success.  

How Do You Apply and What Do We Consider?

Applying is easy.  Fill out the form on this page.  We'll contact you after you do and tell you how to proceed.  We'll want to know how dedicated you are to success regardless of your current qualifications. Committment is our #1 guiding factor.  If you are committed to being the best you possibly can be we are committed to helping you get there.   No real estate license thats ok, we'll help guide you through the process.    You can also just call us at 515-238-9685.

DreamDirt is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, veteran status, political affiliation, sexual orientation, marital status or disability (in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act) with respect to employment opportunities.