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Real Estate Sales Commissions

land listings and auctions

 what do auctioneers charge to sell farmland

We find that most of our clients first question is "what do you charge for auctioneer commission".  We can understand why thats an important question so we wanted to put it right here where you can learn about auctioneer and brokerage commissions for DreamDirt to sell farm & land real estate for you.

We promise we'll get to the answer but want to lay out a few important details about commissions first because these things have an affect on what commission you are charged.  First we sell farms and land 2 different ways.  

  • Listings: The first is by auction and the other is by listing.  We often refer to listings as Real Estate Brokerage, Privately Negotiated Real Estate, Accelerated Listings or just listings.  
  • Auctions: These are referred to as Auction Listings, Live Auctions, Online Only Auctions, Simulcast Auctions, Accelerated Listings, or Seller Directed Auctions.  It seems complex that there are so many options to sell real estate and while commissions are similar they aren't always the same.  In other words we don't have just 1 fee we charge for everything because service costs of differently in advertising, manpower, research and travel.  

"For DreamDirt the biggest influencing factors of commission rates is the size of the property  and the expected value."

Secondary to that is the amount of work the seller expects us to perform, how much advertising is necessary, how long it will take to sell and the investment necessary on our part to accomplish a sale for the seller.  Obvioulsy the more we are expected to do for the seller the higher the commission we charge.

auctioneer commission to sell farmland 

Private Listing Commission Fees

Real Estate Listings or Brokerage

This is when we list a property and invite buyers to make offers.  We cooperate with other brokers to sell these farms.  We may list the farm and represent the seller but another brokerage may have a buyer and represent the buyer in their offer.  As the farm listings go on the market they are put into an MLS where many agents will see it and contact interested parties and try to sell it.  In this scenario you are paying 2 brokerages to cooperate to sell the farm.  For listings we typically charge between 4% and 7% real estate commission again depending on the amount of work required and size of the farm.

Farmland Auction Fees


Auctioneers Commissions for farm and land real estate are typically between 1% and 5% depending on several factors.  Its important to know that with a farmland auction the commission can be paid by the seller or the buyer.  We leave that choice up to the seller.  In many cases sellers will split the commission fee with the buyer using a Buyers Premium.

With an auction, regardless of the type of auction you are typically only paying the auction company rather than 2 brokers to sell the land and for this reason the fees are lower.  This isn't always the case but you have the option to control it.  When you hire an auctioneer you can actually choose to pay additional commission to compensate a buyers agent that introduces a buyer to the auction but that fee is in addition to what we've quoted here and up to you.  Sometimes this can be a good idea especially on land properties that are very large or unique in some way or that have a home.  

At DreamDirt we let the seller decide whether they want to pay additional commission to any buyers agent that registers a buyer.  It is not necessary and we can help guide you to the right decision based on your property. 

Auctioneer Commissions can vary based on the type of auction you choose to have.  

Live Auctions with simultaneous online bidding and full advertising is our most popular marketing product for farmland auctions.  You can look at this as the full plate of auctioneer and settlement services for your farmland real estate transaction.

The opposite end of the spectrum is Seller Directed Auction is the cheapest commission rate for a seller because it requires less effort on our part.  In this type of auction we will only be conducting the auction and providing minimal advertising which is to put the property in our online databases such as MLS, subscription services and an entry on  This type of auction is like a For Sale By Owner but you use our services to conduct the auction.  This has been used by some family farms but often Attorney's, Banks and other real estate firms.

In the middle of the road options that blend various levels of our advertising and services we offer Online Only Farmland Auction which represents a discount from a Live Auction but costs more than a Seller Directed Auction.  These auctions are becoming the future of farmland auctions and we've very successfully used online auctions to sell parcels of farmland for top of the market prices.  This auction type takes all of the bidding to our website.  It gives bidders longer to make decisions about bidding with bidding lasting up to 30 days.  

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Personal Property

Auctioneer Commissions

auctioneer commissions for farm equipment

Personal property includes

  • Farm / Heavy Equipment/Vehicles
  • Livestock
  • Hay or other farm crops
  • Any personal belongings

DreamDirt offers many options for selling anything farm related.  There is no one standard answer as to how you should selling something but we offer a solution for every imaginable situation.  You may have just 1 item to sell or many items to sell.  You may be more interested in an off site or an onsite auction.  You may sell all of your items in your own auction or combine your items in a multi-seller auction where many people sell at one time.  You might sell your items with a live in person auction or an online only auction.  

The marketing options are endless and auctioneer commission fees for selling items can vary based on the amount of items we are selling for you and the level of marketing necessary.  

Typically our commission rates follow the following schedules but can be reduced even further when sold in conjunction with real estate.  We offer very attractive rates especially for farmers that are selling real estate and farm equipment.

Onsite Estate Auctions of Farm Equipment 3% to 8%

Onsite Farm Retirement 3% to 8%. (We offer discounts to farmers offering both real estate and machinery)

Online only Farm Equipment Auction 3% to 8% commission

Additional auction Marketing Fees

Typically we do not charge additional marketing fees unless you want something that is beyond the scope of a typical auction.  In those cases we can offer you ala carte pricing for specific marketing services.   Here is what we provide with each auction with no marketing fee.  

  • Professional photography/videography
  • Regional newspaper ads in farm publications
  • Color sale flier for public locations in a 50 mile radius of the farm
  • Targeted advertising on social media
  • Preview video for the website and social media
  • Email campaign to our list
  • Banner or link ads on popular machinery auction aggregation websites
  • Onsite signage.

Addtional Paid Marketing Services Available 

  • Off-site signage
  • Produced pre-auction video
  • Direct Mail pieces by the piece
  • Radio Ads
  • Television ads
  • Search Engine Advertising

Consignment Auction Commissions

farm equipment auction feesHay and forage 10% Commission with Loyalty Program Discounts Available on an annual basis

Farm Equipment Consignment auctions are based on your total sales volume of each sale. All of your items sold are added together to determine your consignment fee.  The scale for our consignment auctions is 

  • $1-$999 18% 
  • $1000-3999 12%
  • $4000-$7999 10%
  • $8000- up 7%